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Want to look stylish with any outfit without having to break the bank? Knowing simple stylish tips can help you do so. One of the tips includes knowing which nail polish colors go with everything. With a universal nail polish color, you can put on any outfit on any occasion and still manage to look your very best.

To choose a nail polish that goes with any outfit, you want to opt for the basic neutrals. These include colors such as red, gray, and nude. In fact, in retrospect, these are notable colors you commonly see every day without paying attention to them.

In this piece, we’ve shared a detailed guideline into the best nail polish colors to pair with everything. The guide breaks down the profile of each color and helps to answer more questions you may have about this topic. Questions answered include how does one choose the right color to match any outfit? What are the different colors that match most outfits?

Nail Polish Colors That Go Well With Any Outfit

Searching for a nail color to go with any outfit is like picking your signature look. The color must go with any outfit but still remain low maintenance. There is not one standard nail polish color that goes well with any outfit.

Instead, you can find a myriad of color options that pair well with any outfit. Typically, many monochrome and neutral colors go well with just about any outfit. Below, we’ve shared the most popular nail polish color options;


Red is amongst the most notable and popular primary colors. Its vibrancy and boldness make it easily noticeable; allowing it to stand out. But, this also means that the color works pretty well with almost everything. Red is the queen of classic nail polish shades after all. Plus, you can pull off red color in any way you want. You can opt for matte or glossy red on long or short nails.

This versatility extends to your nail polish. But, due to its vibrant and bright, bold profile, the color brings out everything else. For example, on your nails, it helps to enhance your hands, skin, and nails. You will look stylish even with a simple nail design. However, the downside to this is that it will make older, wrinkly hands more noticeable too.

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Beige is amongst those neutral colors that work with any outfit at any time of the year. Unlike other colors, beige doesn’t only accentuate your outfit. It helps to compliment your skin tone. Plus, you can complement the color with gold jewelry as well. But, you want to pick different beige shades based on your skin tone.

For example, if you have a medium to dark-skinned tone, a light beige nail polish color is ideal. But, if you have an extremely fair skin tone, beige is not the nail polish color you want. After all, you will be pairing a fair color with fair skin. Ultimately, the light beige tone will make your skin look yellow. Instead, you want to go for the next best option – the color nude.

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Nude is an everyday go-to color for fair-skinned individuals. However the lighter skin you are, the lighter nude you want to opt for. Whilst nude is recommended for fair-skinned people instead of beige, it works with other skin tones. Generally, the color nude works for the fair-skinned.

Beige works for medium skin tones. Dark-skinned individuals can basically pull out any nude or beige color option. For a natural, yet, long and provocative look, try coffin nails in nude color. You can even opt for whiter shades.

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Blush Pink

If you are not impressed with the nude color, you can opt for blush pink. This is another color that works best for fair-skinned people. Its light and faint shade mean that it doesn’t overpower any outfit. Yet, it still complements your nails.

Light blush pink nail polish shade makes nails look clean, neat, and unpolished. Yet, the faint shade still looks chic. This look complements your outfit without drawing too much attention.

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The cream color is a year-round color and complements any outfit and scenario. It has a heavy-like look that makes it great for the cooler seasons. Yet, its soft and light profile makes it ideal for any summer outfit. The cream color works best for people with olive skin. It helps to brighten up a warm complexion.

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You can pull off gray in any way. It sits well as a formal, casual, or even, as a cocktail color. Additionally, it has remained trendy and modern to complement any outfit. A gray nail polish color particularly works well with a winter outfit. Like many colors, you pick different shades of grey too. With a light grey shade, you will enjoy a more elegant look that still matches any outfit.

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A universal neutral color, white works with any outfit, complexion, or skin tone. The color white still remains to be sleek and edgy to give any outfit a polished look. But, due to its subtleness, you don’t want to pair it with long, majestic nails. Instead, it pairs well with short and natural nails.

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Some people may think they look the same. However, the color ivory is quite opposite of cream. Ivory has a much cooler tone compared to the cool and heavy cream color. Thus, it works great for people with cool complexions – who want a rather off-white color shade.

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Few people choose the color silver. The color falls under the grey color family, however, it holds a unique and bold profile. Yet, the color goes with any outfit – be it an office outfit or an outfit for an evening out in the town. But, silver has some limitations when pulling it off. Because it is a common jewelry color, you want to avoid pairing it with other clashing colors such as gold.

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Brown goes well with any outfit. But, they help to accentuate your outfit when paired with other nude colors. To make the most of the color, pair it with neutral colors that aren’t too dark. In fact, for the best look, you want to stick to neutral colors that are within your skin tone range.

But, if you want to for more natural, you can choose as many bold neutral colors as you want. Reminiscent of chocolate, the color brown works perfectly during the fall season. If you want to rock a classic red nail polish look with a slightly different tone – brown allows you to do so.

Particularly, you want to go for chocolate brown nails. In fact, the color shade works great in either a matte or glossy finish. You can even adjust the shade by going for a warmer or cooler shade – with a mix of beige and grey colors. Beige is also perfect for people who want to maintain a more natural look. For example, creamy beige offers a more enhanced and sun-kissed look on the hands.

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Vibrant pink

If you want to go for lively and bright colors, vibrant pink is the way to go. You are probably associating the color with a sunny summer day at the beach. However, it offers more use than that. Even with the dullest outfit colors, vibrant pink manages to enhance them.

The color is an excellent summer color and adds a punch of color to your outfit. Try out baby pink for a sun-kissed look on the short square, almond, or stiletto nails.

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A faint green color, mint exudes a green and natural feel to make it a perfect spring color. Nonetheless, it pairs well with any outfit. You can pair it with subtle whites, grey, neutrals, nudes, and even, other bright colors such as bright pink. Whilst it is a spring color, mint works all year round.

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Yes, blue does go well with any outfit. You simply want to learn how to pick the right shade for the right outfit. In fact, the best part about the color is it has many shades that compliment your outfit in different ways. You can opt for a dark blue, denim, sky, or oceanic blue based on what your preferences are.

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If deep red is not your favorite color, you can tone it down a bit without really losing the glamour and luxe. You can opt for a cherry to deep raspberry nail color shade. These shades still work great for any occasion and outfit.

Deep Green

Deep green looks extremely attractive on your nails. Yet, the deep color is pretty versatile and goes well with any outfit. Its unique and vivid profile allows it to draw attention and complement any outfit – dark or light.

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Brick features a combination of orange and red colors. The nail color works best for any outfit, particularly during the fall and winter seasons. But, it works best in all seasons.

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For your gold jewelry, the color gold is a perfect option. In fact, gold color is a timeless gem that makes it perfect for any outfit. Its luxurious look allows gold to make any outfit look fancy or luxurious. Plus, its universal profile allows you to pair the color during all seasons of the year.

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If deep red is not your favorite color, you can tone it down a bit without really losing the glamour and luxe. You can opt for a cherry to deep raspberry nail color shade. These shades still work great for any occasion and outfit.

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The dark color goes well with any outfit and in any scenario. Black offers a neutral color shade. However, it offers a bold profile that goes with everything. If black doesn’t work for you, you can even go for a mix of dark colors to give an almost black finish with some colors. Alternatively, you can go for extremely dark colors such as ultra-dark blue, green, or brown.

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How To Choose The Right Nail Color To Go With Your Outfit

As with your outfit, to choose the right nail color, you want to consider your skin tone and complexion. You have to, first, decide whether you have light, medium, or dark skin tone. Then, determine whether your complexion is warm or cool.

To determine your complexion, you want to look at the skin on your face or hands. If you can easily trace blue veins across your face or hands, you have a cool complexion. If you have lighter to green veins, you have a warm complexion.

But, you don’t have to notice either complexion, either. In this case, this will mean that you have a neutral complexion and you most likely will have olive skin. With this information, you can trace back to the different nail color profiles to find out which color works with what tone and complexion.

Alternatively, if you still struggle to pick a color, you can follow the basic principles. For example, a warm to neutral complexion rock gold jewelry is better. People with a cooler complexion, on the other hand, wear silver better. You can even hold the colors hand to hand beside your face to see which one works for you.

Does Your Nail Polish Have To Match Your Outfit?

When picking the right nail polish color, you don’t have to worry about matching it with your outfit. Instead, you want to focus on picking a color that complements your outfit. For example, if you wear a patterned or floral dress, you don’t have to apply patterned or floral nail polish.

Similarly, you don’t have to necessarily wear the same color on your nails as the color of your outfit. As a general rule of thumb, if you have a patterned or colorful dress, opt for neutral colors. The point is to pick a color that would complement it instead of clashing with it.

Whilst the guide above shares single colors that work with any outfit, you can also try this out with combination, mismatches, rainbow, or multi-colored nails. You can mix up to 3 nail colors or more to match your outfit. All you have to do is choose from the neutral colors above. In this case, you can paint nails in different shades if a single color or more. Below, we’ve shared a few examples;

Earth Toned Nails

The earth-toned colors offer a minimalistic and subtle, yet, quite flattering look. This look is fancy enough for a night out, but, subtle enough for office wear. You can combine any colors from orange, brown, and beige. In fact, you can even choose any of the colors and simply pair up different shades of the same color.

Nude Nails

This very trendy color combines different nude colors for a versatile look. The choice of delicate colors makes the nude combination ideal for both short and long nails. You can choose to pair colors such as blush, nude, and pink.

If you want a unique nude color combination, you can pair the nude colors with a pop of color. For example, you can pair up different shades of brown with a choice of blue for a more chic and sophisticated look.

Pastel Nails

Pastel colors are especially perfect for the spring and summer seasons. The color combination gives off a beautiful feminine and bright look. You can mix up any colors from baby blue to lilac and pink.

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Aquamarine Nails

For water and oceanic lovers, aquamarine combination colors are perfect. You can choose a selection of light blue color shades. Alternatively, you can create a more marine and natural color combination. Simply pair different shades of blue with green. With this color combination, you can pull off any outfit during any season – be it an office or late-night outfit.

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Finding nail polish colors that go well with any outfit should be a difficult task. In fact, you don’t have to stock up on hundreds of different nail polish color options if you don’t want to. You simply want to choose a favorite color that goes well with any outfit.

After all, the color you choose should complement your outfit rather than match it. To make it easy for you, you want to follow the basic principles of choosing the colors. Typically, you want to stick to basic neutral and natural colors. The best part about neutrals is that they are available in a wide range of color profiles.

For example, if you want a bolder look, you can opt for red or black. If you want a more natural and subtle look, nude, beige, and brown colors are better options. The one thing you want to make sure of is to pick colors that are ideal for your skin type, tone, and complexion. This ensures it better accentuates your outfit.

If you want to choose a color that makes your hands look younger týou can read about it here.


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