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When going for a manicure, many women are not informed enough about all the types of manicures that exist and their pros and cons. One of the things most of us believe is that nail techniques can be very damaging to our nails.

The latest invention came from a company called CND and it came in a form of the Shellac product – specific nail polish that comprises both regular nail polish and gel polish, thus making it superior to all other techniques out there if we make the judgment based on the nail damage.

The Shellac is a patented product, known for its 14 days of perfect manicure promise and very easy application and removal. But, the Shellac can be used only in a combination with a specific CND LED lamp and is not recommended for women who have already damaged nails.

This is why further in this text I will explain in detail the most important Shellac’s features, as well as the difference between regular Shellac and Shellac Luxe – the newest CND product on the market.

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Most Important Shellac Features

To be able to fully understand why the Shellac is so popular on the market these days, here I bring you 5 things you need to know before deciding to go for the Shellac Manicure. The most important thing you need to reconsider about the Shellac is whether it is for your nails or not, to ensure you will not experiment and make any damage to your nails.

1. Shellac Is Patented

To start, let’s explain the obvious question here. Because the Shellac was made as a combination of regular nail polish and a gel, it is commonly confused with gel. The main difference between them is that the gel’s formula is based on a semi-permanent gel, while the Shellac is based on semi-permanent nail polish.

Creative Nail Design, or CND, is the company that has developed and patented the Shellac product. Only products under their name can provide the real Shellac experience. Since Shellac is so popular, there are many copycats out there, so make sure you are using the right product to get the most from it.

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2. Shellac Can Last for 14 Days

If the Shellac is properly applied and taken care of, it can last for 14 plus days, depending on how careful you are with your nails. The duration of the Shellac is significantly shorter when compared to other techniques like gel or acrylics, but on the other hand, the Shellac is less damaging.

It is recommended to use gloves to perform activities that involve high abrasive chemicals, which are known to be harsh on the nails thus ruining the perfect look the Shellac provides.

3. It Is Not for Everyone

Before going for the Shellac, take some time to investigate if the Shellac is the right manicure for you. Although it is believed to be less damaging than other manicure techniques, the Shellac has some predispositions that need to be met before the application.

To have a full 14 days’ experience of the Shellac, your nails, cuticles, and skin need to be in perfect condition, meaning your nails need to be strong and healthy. If your nails are brittle and prone to breakage, it is best to avoid the Shellac.

To find out if the Shellac is for you, consult your nail technician. But if regular or gel polish doesn’t last for long on your nails and breaks off pretty quickly, the Shellac would probably react in the same way.

Active ingredients in the Shellac can further increase the level of damage to your nails, making them more brittle. On the other hand, if your nails are healthy and strong, the Shellac would provide that extra boost your nails need. It would create an extra layer of protection, making them less exposed to external damage and saving them in the long run.

4. It Is Removed Easily

The Shellac can be easily removed thanks to the specific formulation that makes tiny tunnels during application that are invisible to the human eye. These tunnels allow the acetone to penetrate faster in the Shellac, thus removing it very easily.

After dipping your nails in acetone, the Shellac should break and come off in tiny pieces. Be careful – if the Shellac is not coming off, make sure to repeat the process, and give your nails another round of bath under the acetone, to prevent damage.

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5. Shellac Requires a Specific Lamp 

Since the Shellac is half-gel, the application process is pretty much the same – you prepare the nails, start with a base coat, followed by one or two layers of the Shellac, and a top coat to finish.

Each layer needs to be cured, just like any gel would require. The only thing here is that the Shellac needs to be cured under a specific lamp to set properly. The lamp is produced by the same manufacturer that makes the Shellac – the CND.

CND offers two types of lamps – a UV lamp or LED lamp. The Shellac would cure faster under a LED lamp, but both of them are effective at what they do.

If you choose to use a regular lamp not produced by CND, there is a risk the Shellac might not cure properly or that the surface of the nail would be uneven. To avoid such a risk, use the recommended lamp.

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What Is the Difference Between CND Shellac and CND Shellac Luxe?

The CND’s Shellac Luxe is an upgraded Shellac nail polish. It comes in all shades the regular Shellac does, plus 15 new ones, exclusive to the Shellac Luxe. The biggest difference between these two products is the formulation.

CND is known as a company that’s always looking for a way to make your appointments with the nail technician as short as possible. That’s how the Shellac was invented in the first place (and later on the Shellac Luxe).

The Shellac Luxe is supposed to take only 15 minutes to be removed and reapplied! The new formula that feels much thinner than the regular Shellac is applied only in two coats. First, you apply the Shellac Luxe and then the top coat to set it off and you are good to go.

Each layer of the Shellac Luxe needs to be cured under a CND’s LED lamp for 60 seconds. Although one layer is mostly enough, sometimes you’d need to apply two or three layers if the color of the nail polish is bright.

The Shellac Luxe feels and looks more like regular nail polish – the layers seem to be lighter compared to the regular Shellac, and it also needs to be applied in thinner layers. Because of this, the Shellac Luxe also cures faster under CND’s LED lamp.

The removal process is as simple as the application. Wrap all fingers in an aluminum foil with the acetone and wait for 60 seconds. Then just simply use a cotton pad to wipe off the Shellac Luxe of your nails and they are instantly ready for the new manicure!

Here you can read how often you should do shellac.


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