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Nowadays, nail polish industries have emerged so much that we now have various options to pick what is ideal. Among them, Shellac stands out for its long-lasting and low-maintenance features. But the question is, how good is Shellac, or how long A shellac lasts on toenails?

Usually, a well-applied Shellac can last up to 10-14 days which is the highest of its kind. It can last longer than that if applied in an ideal environment and followed by the correct application process. But the concern is that your intention should not be to keep Shellac for more than two weeks. 

If you keep your Shellac for more than 14 days, some health issues can severely damage your toenails. This article will give you a broad overview to understand more about Shellac, which is a bit tricky.

How Long Can You Wear Shellac Nail Polish?

If you need a long-lasting nail polish that can last up to 2 weeks, Shellac nail polish could be a suitable option. It is well known for its lasting feature, and if applied correctly, it can last more than 14 days. 

However, it is rare, but in some cases, the Shellac nail polish starts to peel off after a couple of days. Even if the nail polish can last up to 14 days, I recommend removing this after two weeks because after that your nails start to grow.

Generally, the lasting period of Shellac nail polish is 10-14 days, and the long-lasting effect depends on the application process, not on the product itself. If you or from where you applied the nail polish have followed the proper technique, then you can expect to last the nail polish up to 3 weeks with some adequate maintenance.

If you can ensure that you have successfully sealed the edge of your nails, then you will indeed have a long-lasting action.

When you go to a salon to apply to remove polish, they coat your nail polish with UV lights to pace up the drying process so that you can save lots of time. Here the UV lights work as a catalyst that makes the nail polish drying rate faster. 

However, if you do not want to visit a salon or just want to Shellac your nails at home, you can sunbathe your nails after applying nail polish. This DIY process is much slower than UV light therapy, but it is worth trying at home. The UV rays from sunlight can harden your Shellac, and you can get the lasting effect without spending a fortune.

Here you can learn more about shellac Does Shellac Nail Polish Dry On Its Own? (We Find Out)

Can Shellac Make Your Toenails Fall Off?

Shellac can indeed cause some level of damage to your toenails if you do not maintain your nails and do not follow the instructions of the experts. Having said that, you can prevent this damage if your intention is not to keep the Shellac after a couple of weeks. 

Your aim should be on the quality of the nail polish rather than on the quantity of the days. Yet this is rare, but in some cases, when the toenail becomes more prone to fungal disease, it tends to become weaker and can fall off.

In some recent studies, the experts found that Shellac can reduce the toenails’ shining, thickness, and durability. It is because the pigment of the Shellac can penetrate the few upper layers of your toenails, which can cause dry nails. 

Drying out nails can lead to severe infectious diseases that can be caused by yeast, mold, bacteria, and fungus. The toenail can be 50% thinner than before, which can result in the nails falling off.

I will recommend you keep the Shellac for the highest 14 days and after this period, try not to apply nail polish again for a couple of weeks. Doing this will make your toenails breathe in the air more times, which is essential for healthy nails. 

Moreover, between these days, ensure that your toenails stay dry as much as possible. Try to put on socks, shoes, or sneakers that are air breathable. If any severe damage causes, try to see an expert doctor for fast recovery. 

How to Apply Shellac to Last Long

If you are not satisfied with the lasting time of your Shellac, probably the application method is not correct, and you need to be careful about it. Applying Shellac on your nails is quite tricky but not rocket science. I am here to help you with the knowledge you should follow to be a nail polish expert.

UV lights help Shellac dry out fast, and the more quickly it becomes dry, the more appropriately it is set on nails. Without UV lights, you can also use sunlight as a hardener, but this process takes time.

Solar oil is well known for nail caring, which is enriched with Vitamin E and light oils. These potential ingredients penetrate the upper layer of the nails and keep them moist to prevent drying out. If you apply this oil two times a day on top of Shellac, it will keep your nail polish crisp.

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It will help if you take some cautious steps before applying Shellac. You must keep your nails dry and moisture-free to get a long-lasting experience. Any liquid substance other than Shellac can ruin your nail polish setting.

When you apply Shellac repeatedly over time, it will peel off the uppermost layer of your nails, which is the ideal surface for applying nail polish. To avoid this, you have to take care of your toenails to get maximum Shellac life.

How do You Remove Shellac Nail Polish?

After you have applied Shellac, the next important part is to remove it without damaging your nails. Lifting it in the home is quite tricky, but I can assure you it is not impossible.

First of all, you will need a set nail polis removing kit, which includes some cotton sticks, tinfoil squires, a bottle of acetone, and a nail file. With the nail file, remove the upper portion of the Shellac gently. Soak the cotton in acetone and then place it over nails. Doing this for 15 minutes will weaken the nail polish.

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If you can keep your fingers warm during the soaking process, it will be much faster. Now take a manicure stick and gently try to remove the nail polish. Make sure that you do not damage your nails while removing Shellac.

If you find difficulty removing Shellac after these steps, try to soak your toenails for another few minutes. After that, you will surely be able to peel off the nail gel. Apply some cuticle oil to keep your nails wet.

It would be unwise to use nail polish remover to peel off Shellac because in nail polish the percentage of acetone is only 60 which is not enough for removing a strong nail gel-like Shellac. You should use a remover where 90-100% acetone exists and that would be strong enough for removing it. 

Shellac can make your nail pretty just the way you want it. And after reading this article, you should be able to keep those pretty nails on you for a long time.


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