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The ease of doing a gel manicure at home is increasing and becoming popular among people, thanks to the advancing nail art technology. Gels are durable, and if properly cured, they can last on the nails for close to a month. A LED lamp comes in handy to help dry and cure the polish once it’s applied. 

Unlike most gel brands that require a professional to apply them, BlueSky Gel Polish takes away the hassle and allows you to use it at home and give you excellent results easily. You must use a UV lamp or a LED lamp to cure it to adhere to the nails. This article discusses how you can use BlueSky Gel Polish with LED Lamp to achieve your desired manicure. 

How to Use BlueSky Gel Polish With LED Lamp

BlueSky Gel polish is excellent for your DIY manicure activity, and here is a step-by-step guide to applying the gel polish. 

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Step 1 – Gather all the materials you’ll need in the exercise. 

You’ll need the following:

  • BlueSky Gel Nail polish (your preferred color)
  • LED nail lamp
  • Nail File
  • BlueSky Top Coat
  • BlueSky Base Coat
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Alcohol wipes or nail cleanser
  • Nail cuticle oil

Step 2 – Prepare your nails

Gel application is an intense exercise for your nails, so they must be clean and healthy. Avoid applying the gel polish if you notice that your nails are damaged or peeling, as this will lead to more damage to them. Check also to ensure that there are no residues of polish from the previous application. 

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Use a nail file to smooth out any imperfections on the nails and even out the edges. You can also file the nails to your preferred shape. 

Use the alcohol wipes to clear out any dirt, dust, or debris on the nails and remove any residues of previous nail polish or other nail products. Ensure that your nails are free of oil so that the gel polish can adhere properly. 

On the adequately cleaned nails, apply a thin layer of the BlueSky base coat, which acts as a seal to protect the nails from gel polish stains. It also allows the gel polish to spread evenly on the nail during application. 

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Use a cuticle pusher to push the cuticle back as much as possible to avoid contact between the gel polish and the cuticle. The gel must be sandwiched between the base coat layer and the topcoat layer. 

After applying the base coat, cure it using the LED nail lamp for a few seconds. This will ensure that the coat is ready for gel application. 

Step 3 – Apply the BlueSky Gel Polish

The application of the gel goes through a series of steps to ensure that every layer of the gel cures correctly. These are the steps. 

  1. Apply a thin layer of gel polish. 

Pull out the applicator brush and wipe it against the bottle’s walls to remove the excess polish so that you can apply a thin layer of polish to the nail. Ensure that the gel polish is far from the nail cuticle so that it doesn’t lift and peel off. Start at the middle and glide down over the nail, to the sides, then extend to the tip. 

After this first application, put your hand into the LED nail lamp to cure the polish. Every layer must cure completely before you proceed to apply the second layer. 

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  1. Apply the second layer

The second layer also has to be thin and uniform, just like the first layer. Ensure that your brush is wiped against the bottle’s walls to get a little polish, enough to create a thin layer of polish. 

This layer, too, must be cured after application. Place your hand into the LED nail lamp and wait for a few seconds. 

  1. Apply the topcoat. 

Apply the BlueSky topcoat thinly over the cured second layer. Ensure that it reaches all the parts where the polish is, including the edges, because it will act as a sealer to prevent chipping. 

The topcoat is also cured in the LED lamp, and this is the final curing. It will take only a few seconds, just like the other layers. 

Use the alcohol wipes to clean the nails and bring out the shine. 

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How Long Do You Cure Gel Polish With an LED Lamp?

An LED lamp cures gel polish in 5-30 seconds. The time required varies depending on the Gel polish brand you’re using for the manicure. For best results and to avoid over-curing your gel polish, you must know the difference between the curing time for a UV light lamp and an LED lamp. 

A UV light lamp takes about 2-3 to cure the gel completely. If you take this much time with an LED lamp, the gel will be over-cured. 

How Long Should Gel Polish Be Cured? 

Most gel manufacturers recommend a curing time of 15 seconds for the base coat and the topcoat and about 30 seconds for the gel polish layers. You must cure your gel polish within the recommended time frames to avoid over-curing. 

It’s common for people to cure the polish for a bit longer, even for minutes, to be sure. But over-cured gel polish becomes baked and cracks in no time. They have a shortened durability and do not soften under acetone during removal. This ends up destroying your nails as the gel may peel together with the nail layers. 

The manufacturer has done enough research to know the required curing time. Therefore it’s important to follow through with their recommendations so that you can have an optimum experience with the gel manicure. 

To ensure that your gel cures completely within the recommended time, make sure that your polish layers are thin. Thick layers of polish will take longer to cure and may not cure entirely even after curing in the LED lamp for a long time. Therefore, it would be good to remove the thick layers and apply thinner layers that will cure fast. 

There are also those who like touching the cured gel to check whether it’s dry or completely cured. Most times, they end up with smudged polish and have to re-do the manicure. It’s enough to follow the manufacturer’s recommended time and instructions and proceed to paint the next layer. You’ll have excellent results and enjoy a lasting manicure. 


BlueSky Gel Polish cures excellently within only a few seconds when cured in a LED nail lamp. Always ensure that you read through the manufacturer’s instructions on the gel pack so that you can follow through with them and achieve excellent results. Remember to clean your nails properly using alcohol wipes so that the gel can stick properly. 

If you want to learn more about gel polish you can read about it here.


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