5 Ways To Make Your Street Color Nails Last Longer




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Quality manicure raises a woman’s confidence and self-esteem. But not all women will enjoy sitting in the salon for hours to get their nails done or try painting them at home. Color Street nails offer the ultimate solution for such women, take away the hassle of poorly-done manicures, and adorn your nails with a salon-quality manicure. 

Color Street nails are 100% nail polish, with a base coat, colored polish coat, and a topcoat, applied and dried on strips for quick, easy, and mess-free manicure any time. It’s a real game-changer in the manicure as you can get your nails fixed in simple steps without worrying about imperfections and smudges. With proper care, the Color Street can last you up to 14 days without chipping or peeling off. 

In this article, we discuss some of the things you can do to make your Color Street Nails last longer. 

5 Ways to Make Your Color Street Nails Last Longer

Color Street nail stickers come in a wide variety so that you select the size that fits your nails best. The Color Street Company packages them in packs of sixteen pieces in each box. From the sixteen strips, you choose that fits your nails and fix them on your nails. 

The process of sticking them on your nails is easy. Make sure that your nails are clean and smooth. You can prepare them by filling out the rough portions or any uneven parts. Pick the nail strip, peel off the paper at the back, and then stick it smoothly from the cuticle to the tip. File out the overhanging parts at the tip, and you’re all done. 

Even with the easy manicure, you want it to last you long enough before you replace them. So here are some tips to help your Color Street nails last longer. 

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1. Prepare your nails before fixing the Color Street nails. 

Nail preparation involves filing, buffing, and smoothing your nails so that they are polished enough to adhere to the nail strips and allow them to fit evenly. Rough and uneven nails will require thorough filing to smoothen out the nail area. 

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You’ll also need to properly clean your nails with acetone or alcohol to get rid of any previous nail polish, then with soap and water to clean out dirt particles on the nails. Avoid tissues or towels when drying the nails. Instead, air-dry them. Tissues and towels may leave tiny particles that can result in an inconsistent outcome after fixing your nail strips. 

2. Use the nail strips at room temperature. 

The nail strips’ temperature is crucial in determining the outcome and durability of your Color Street nails. The strips will be too soft and sticky at high temperatures, while at low temperatures, they’ll be hard and challenging to fix. At room temperature (70 degrees Fahrenheit), you’ll quickly fix them, and the result will be perfect. 

If the weather is generally cold outside and it’s affecting them, you can rub them between your palms to raise their temperature a little. 

3. Slightly push back your cuticle. 

Your nail cuticle line acts as a guide outline that you follow when fixing the nail strips. You’ll need to place the nail strips along the cuticle line, close to the cuticle and not on it. Pushing back your cuticle will provide enough space to fix the nail strips while moving deep into the nail as possible. 

Pushing back your nail cuticle is a simple exercise. There are tools like cuticle pushers and orange sticks for the job, but you can simply use your nail. If the nail strip rests on the cuticle, it will easily chip off or lift in a few days. 

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4. Fix multiple layers of the nail strips. 

The principle of ‘the more, the merrier’ works excellently in helping Color Street nails last longer. When you put two or more layers of the nail strips, you boost their strength and reduce the chances of chipping or coming off. 

It’s a great way to enhance the nail’s durability, especially if you are using solid colors. You only need to make sure that you fix them carefully to avoid uneven overlapping or trapping air between the nail strip layers. 

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5. Avoid water in the first 30 minutes after fixing the nail strips.

Water dissolves the adhesive, sticking the nails and weakening the bond between the nail strips and your natural nails. This makes them come off after a few days. Waiting for at least 30 minutes will allow the nails to stick together solidly and not get destroyed faster. 

To be on the safe side, you can fix the nail strips right before getting to bed. They will have the whole night to stick tightly before you touch the water the next day. The less you involve in water-touching activities, the longer they are bound to last. 

How Long Do Unopened Street Nails Last? 

The Color Street nails company packages the nail strips with a shelf-life of 1 year from the purchase date. That means you can use the nail strips any time within the year, as long as you have stored them in favorable conditions. 

After a year, some can still be usable if they are properly stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Since the Color Street nails are made from enamel, they will dry out if not stored properly. 

A pack of Color Street nails has sixteen nail strips, meaning that there will be extra strips after you choose your best fit. You can reserve the rest for next time and ensure that you keep them well. You’ll need to put them back into their original plastic sleeves and reseal them tightly. 

How to Remove Color Street Nails? 

You’ll be looking all glossy with perfectly made nails until it’s time to remove the manicure. With Color Street nails, the removal process is easy. You’ll only need to use an acetone remover or regular polish remover to remove it. The remover will work excellently since the nail strips are made of real nail polish. 

Most people are tempted to peel off the nail strips without realizing the damage it will do to their nails. When you peel the polish, you’ll strip off nail layers which weakens the nails and makes them prone to breaking. 

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If you notice that your nails are chipped or peeled after removing your Color Street nails, you should allow your nails to recover by keeping them away from nail polish or gels. 


Everyone wants to know how long their manicure will last and how they can extend this period. It’s understandable, thanks to the busy schedules that have kept people running up and down with no time for themselves. With the 5 tips discussed in this article, you can maintain your Color Street nails looking great and have them serve you for a long time. 

If you want the color street nails to last long you can put a top coat on them, here you can read more about it.


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