Is Seventy Percent Isopropyl Alcohol Good For Gel Nails?




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Do you find it difficult to clean nails or gel nails? Most women face a common problem, but they do not need to worry about it. There are many different ways to get rid of it, and using 70% isopropyl alcohol or IPA is a mainly common solution. So, the question arises, is 70% isopropyl alcohol good for gel nails?

70% or higher isopropyl alcohol is good for gel nails. Isopropyl alcohol is popular for its properties to sterilize, clean, or remove oil from surfaces. It is a non-toxic product that helps to remove residue oils from your gel nails and fingertips. 

So Ladies, keep reading this blog because, after this, you can make your gel nails look more attractive and sparkling. Read more to explore unheard and most misinterpreted things about gel nails.

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Can 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Remove The Stickiness Of Gel Nails?

After finishing up the final gel coat at home or the salon, you might have seen a sticky layer present on the bottom of the nails. The sticky layer makes the nails look unfinished and messy. So, to get rid of this, most of the ladies ask whether they can use 70% isopropyl alcohol or not.

Seventy percent of isopropyl alcohol is a commonly available product and affordable. also has a vast selection of 70% isopropyl alcohol offered by different brands such as Swan. It can easily remove your topcoats’ sticky or tacky layer without having any trouble and compromising with poor nail paint. 

The best thing about this alcohol is that it dissolves with the sticky layer and helps you wipe it easily. 

But as it can be vital for many of us, you should use only individual packages that contain 70 percent isopropyl alcohol.

To use these individual packages, you can open them and wipe your nails gently.

Always remember to use the fresh alcohol pad to wipe up one nail simultaneously, and after doing this, dispose of that cotton pad. It will help if you don’t reuse the used pads because they will not clean the nails properly and leave a dull look. So, if you want a glossy look, then use this pro tip as it will work for you. 

Why The Sticky Residue Left On The Polished Or Gel Nails?

Some brands’ gel paint’s residue remains on the nails because they did not cure properly. 

It happens when the oxygen in the air does not allow the gel paint on the surface of your manicure from curing completely. Therefore, the residue of gel paint remains, and your nail paint looks tacky and unfinished.

Will 70% Alcohol Work For Gel Nails?

Most of us get worried about using a 70% IPA solution, but this is fine to clean and wipe the stickiness of nail residue in reality. It disinfects the nail and also gets evaporated quickly.  But, if you opt for 91% isopropyl alcohol solution, it can ruin your gel nails as 91% is much more reactive than the 70 percent IPA solution.

Also, the seventy percent IPA solution has a nail-friendly property that does not ruin it and helps you wipe its stickiness. Thus, 70% alcohol also works for gel nails. 

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Can You Use Isopropyl Alcohol For Nails?

Seventy percent isopropyl alcohol is a suitable solution for nails because it does not react and easily gets dissolved. It is the best, secure and efficient way to clean before applying a gloss foundation or nail paint. It disinfects the nails and also allows efficient color shine. 

How Can You Use 70 Percent Isopropyl To Remove The Tacky Layer Or Stickiness Of Nails?

So, now you are ready to follow the proper strategy to get an efficient result using seventy percent isopropyl alcohol. You require to catch the below-mentioned steps that are super easy & implementable. Here you will understand how to use 70% isopropyl alcohol, so let’s get started.

First, get the individual packages of IPA and take a bowl, and soak your fingertips in it. After this, you can shape up your nails by trimming them into the desired size and push back cuticles. You can buff as well if you want to focus on the growth of nails. But keep in mind that you need not rub too much because the gel may lift off. And when you do, this then it can harm your natural nails.

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Now, take the 70 percent isopropyl alcohol individual packs to clean and remove the tacky layer and make it shiny. Also, focus on some extra residue if it needs more attention on it. This process is vital because it will decide whether the nail polish looks attractive or not. 

Use Gelish foundation on your nails as it will allow you to get a base coat on the nails. It is not an optional step, so you must use this because only then will it adhere to the natural colors of your nail paint. Leave it for a few seconds until it gets dry properly.

Take our favorite nail paint and start applying it smoothly. And while polishing nails, avoid polishing cuticles and nail edges. When it also gets dry, you can use the nail polish once again because most nail paints require two coats. 

At last, you can wipe off the tacky layer, so take the individual packages of  70 percent isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and start wiping the sticky layers. Don’t worry because, at this step, you are just cleaning the tacky layers. Many women think that it can remove their nail paint, but it will add some shine and prevent cross-contamination of these layers if it’s dry.

If you skip this step, it will look a bit dull. So, now you are at the last step, which is to use cuticle oil. After wiping the nails go with this step and coat the nails with applied cuticle oil. Wait at least one minute after using this oil because it will give a more glossy look.

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Do follow the mentioned steps to get the perfect and most efficient, glossy nail paint effect. So, now you can use your favorite nail polish paint, and it will not look dull or poor. If you are a party woman or love to paint your nails with different gel polish, seventy percent isopropyl alcohol is a great companion. It is 100% safe and good for your nails. 

Do not miss any sticky residue on your nail art because it will make the nail paint dull. Therefore, you should clean or wipe your gel nails with IPA right away. 

If your gel nails lock thick and you want to fix it you read more about it here.


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