Can Rimmel Super Gel Be Used Without a Top Coat?




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When it comes to nail polish, I like trying new varieties to determine which suits me best. Last year I spotted the new – Rimmel super gel, and I decided to try one of its elegant shades and the topcoat. I can’t deny that since then, I have been a Rimmel gel addict. It is a two-step gel that works wonders, and the greatest of all, it lasts for 14 days. But, can Rimmel super gel be used without a top coat?

You can’t use Rimmel super gel without a top coat because the gel nails will not dry or cure even with either UV or LED lamps. This gel polish application involves two steps, and the second step consists of applying the topcoat. The topcoat is essential in this process, and you can’t outdo it.

We all need a gel polish that is good on our nails. Not too sticky or too thin. Look no further; the Rimmel super gel is your right choice. Let’s learn more details about this excellent gel polish.

Set Of 4 Rimmel 60 Second Nail Polish Assorted (Mixs) Colours by Rimmel

How to Apply Rimmel Super Gel

The super gel is very easy to apply; it only involves two steps. Also, it dries off like regular nail polish and does not necessarily need UV or LED lamps. This gel contains a patented color system that uses sunlight curing technology to bring out an elegant look on your nails.

First, you need to apply two coats of the Rimmel super gel colors using the accurate precision brush. Make a one-stroke application. It has a built-in base coat which means no need to prep your nails to achieve a perfect finish. 

Next, apply a super gel top coat on top of the Rimmel super gel color to induce the self-curing process. Leave them to cure in natural light. You can rest assured that your nails will get an incredible look, durable and long-lasting, to cover all your nail imperfections.

The gel polish has a broad brush that you will use to apply the gel on your nails well. I also like nail polishes that provide wide brushes. I went centrally to the instructions and applied three coats of color polish and one coat of topcoat. The coats were thin and streaky, so I needed three coats to make an opaque finish.

The polish indeed pleased me because of the way it made my nails appear. They were shiny and awesome.

Does Rimmel Super Gel Last longer? 

Maybe you have come across several nail polishes that had a short lifetime and disappointed you. Some nail polishes chip off immediately after application, others after three days, and so on. For many years I tried to look for nail polish that I could use comfortably at home without complicated processes and equipment. It happened that last year I came across Rimmel super gel in one of the drugstores.

Their adverts mentioned that the gel doesn’t need a UV lamp for curing, and it lasts for 14 good days. Incredible, right? I had to try this gel right away and prove what they had mentioned in their adverts. The gel is also affordable at a pocket-friendly price. The color and the topcoat have a strong smell like typical nail polish.

Some colors are lighter, but others are solid enough; therefore, you won’t need a second or third coat. The nail polish also dries very fast and feels light on the nails. The wide brush makes the work easy, but sometimes it can be annoying if you want to control the polish in smaller amounts.

The Rimmel super gel comes with instructions for use, although I did not follow them strictly. They say you apply two coats of your preferred color and one layer of topcoat. Later I followed the instructions to judge whether the gel would last for 14 days, as they had mentioned.

Unfortunately, my nails lasted for three days only then the polish started chipping off. Maybe it is because the UV or LED lamp does not cure this gel. I was disappointed by their misleading adverts that claimed the gel would last for 14 days. Maybe it would last if you wear gloves all day or never use your hands.

Do You Have To Put a Top Coat on Gel Nails?

You need to put a top coat on gel nails because, without a top coat, your nails are prone to peeling and lifting easily. Therefore, they won’t be up to standard. However, gels can be applied onto the nails directly without adding any other product, only that they won’t last long.

It is recommendable that you use a base coat and a top coat to apply any gel polish. Gel polishes are formulated in a way that they should work in conjunction with a base coat and a topcoat. Note that a gel manicure is a system consisting of different layers, not just one layer.

Importance of a Gel Top Coat

  1. The topcoat protects your polish to allow your manicure to last longer. It does this by forming a tough and durable layer that prevents the nails from getting stained and damaged easily.
  2. It insulates the gel polish from too much contact with harsh chemicals and water that causes nails to chip off easily.
  3. The topcoat also adds a glossy sheen to your nails, making them look sleeker; nevertheless, if you don’t like the glossy effect, you can opt to gel topcoats that will not add the sheen.

You can use two top coats if your nails are too thin to increase the overall thickness of your nails, making them thicker hence fewer chances of breakage and tearing. Also, if you want the shining of the gel top coat to last if you use your hands too much. Too much work causes the nails to come in contact with abrasive things. One more layer of top coat will make the nails last longer and give them a pretty shine.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Enamel Base & Top Coat by Rimmel

It is also possible to use various brands for gel topcoats. Try them out on your nails but ensure they work well together and last long as expected. In trying this, use quality brands that will last long.

Lastly, you cannot use the gel top coat as the base coat because it is not designed to attach to the nail plate. If you use it as the base coat, you will not get the desired results. Use each for their intended purposes.


Gels should be used with topcoats to protect the nails from chipping off and breaking. The Rimmel gel is not an exception. Therefore, feel good with your nails all glammed up and shining with a topcoat on your Rimmel gel. 


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