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It’s hard to choose between the easy removal of no-light gel polish and the quick-dry effect that LED Lights have on actual gel nail polish. These benefits are probably why you want to find out whether no light gel can be used with an LED light. No worries, I will help you to figure it out.

You cannot use no-light gel polish with an LED light because there are no properties in the no-light gel that will react to the LED light and cause it to harden. No light gel is only a thicker version of regular nail polish and is not an actual gel so LED light will have no effects on it.

I will define the purpose and benefits of no light gel as well as explain whether it can be used with LED lights. I will also provide you with alternative methods for drying your nail polish. Lastly, I will advise you on alternative gel mixtures that you can use that will work with LED lights while giving you some benefits of the no light gel polish.

What is No Light Gel Polish?

No-light gel polish is a type of nail polish that does not need to be put under UV lights for it to cure. It actually isn’t gel polish which is why it doesn’t need UV Lights. It is referred to as gel nail polis because of its similar thick consistency to its authentic counterpart. It is however regular nail polish.

Benefits of No Light Gel Polish

The no-light gel polish is a good alternative if you’re looking for a polish that does not last as long as the gel. I am the sort of person who would jump at the chance of having my nail polish last for a month. But it’s true, many out there tire quickly of their color choices and find it a waste of time and money to use expensive gel polishes that they will be changing out of in a couple of days.

Also, if you would like a polish that has the same look as gel but is easier to remove from your nails, the no-light gel is a good choice for you. As no light gel is more similar to regular nail polish than gel, the acetone in nail polish remover will have an easier time breaking down the polish. If you were to use acetone on gel polish it would take longer to break down.

Unfortunately, leaving on acetone for long periods causes your nails to weaken.

Can you use No Light Gel Polish with an LED light?

As we’ve established that there are differences between the no-light gel polish and the gel polish, you can understand that the LED light will be largely ineffective on no-light gel polish. The LED lamp is used to cure gel, not necessarily “dry” it.

The regular polish dries by having the liquid evaporate from the mixture on your nails. However, for gel nail polish, a substance called photoinitiator is present in the mixture. It is what reacts to the light from the LED and causes the chemicals in the gel to bond and harden.

As there are no photoinitiators in regular nail polish, the light from the LED would serve no purpose for your nails. The best it could do is use the heat from the light bulbs to aid in having your nails dry quicker but there will be no assistance from the actual light.

You may have wanted to use the LED Lamp to dry the no light gel. That is understandable, there are few things more annoying than having to sit and wait for polish to dry, polish with a thicker consistency at that. But since the LED light can’t help you I’ll show you other methods you can use to speed up the drying process for your no-light gel.

Methods to Dry No Light Gel Polish

Cold Water

To reduce your wait time for your nail polish, set some cold water beside you before painting your nails. The colder the water, the better. After you’ve painted your nails allow the polish to set for a while before dipping them into the cold water. Let them stay in the water for about 5-6 minutes. Once water beads start to form on top of your nails, your nails are dry.

Top Coat

You can choose a quick-drying top coat to help your nails dry. It was made to reduce the waiting time and it also creates an additional layer of protection for your painted nails.

Drying Drops

Unlike the quick-drying topcoat, the drying drops will not add another layer to your nails. They dry your nails while conditioning your cuticles as it is an oil-based formula. It shaves a few minutes off your waiting time.

These drying methods pale in comparison to the 10-second effect that LED lights have on gel nail polish. If you would love a gel polish that gives you:

-the quick-drying advantage from LED Lamps and;

-the flawless sheen from the gel’s gloss

but still gives you some of the benefits of regular no-light gel nail polish like:

-quicker removal time and;

-less damage to nails

then the shellac nail polish may be right for you.

Shellac Nail Polish

With shellac nails, you truly get the best of both worlds. The mixture is patented by Creative Nail Design. It forms a combination of gel polish and regular nail polish. You will get the wear, the protection, and the flawless appeal from the gel aspects of the mixture. You will get the shine and color from the polish aspect. What is more? The gel component gives you the advantage of curing them with LED light!

With the light, your nails will dry in a matter of seconds.

LED Lamp Safety Procedures

I get that you want a quick way to dry your nails, but it is always smart to think of your safety first. While LED lamps are a bit safer than UV lights, they still emit UV rays that can harm you when used too often. However, you should do what you can to help protect yourself.

One thing you can do is apply sunscreen around half an hour before heading to your nail appointment. You can also wear no-finger gloves to limit the UV rays that come into contact with your skin.


The benefits of LED lamps are tempting but they can only be used on gel-based nail polishes. Regular nail polish does not have the components that react to the LED light so the light would be ineffective on your polish. However, you can use other methods to try and speed your drying process or even opt for a nail polish that includes gel properties but reduces the amount of work it takes to remove them like shellac nails.


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