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Mixing different brands of gel polish might not be a good idea. I will tell you why you should not in a moment but let’s get some very important facts out of the way first. Technically, mixing different brands of gel polish might give you immediate impressive results. But what about the long-run results?

Sandwiching different brands together may not adhere to one another since they are not formulated to work together. They may also not cure properly because different brands cure differently. Just after a short while of application, you may notice chipping, cracking, and yellowing of the gel polish. 

Most Gel polish manufacturers design their products from bespoke components. They also test these products with their brands. Mixing different brands of gel polish might, therefore, not be a good idea as they could react vigorously on your nails.

Since it would be difficult to test the compatibility of all the brands available in the market, I would recommend sticking to only one brand. If you must mix, ensure that both brands do not have chemicals that can react against each other.

This article highlights all you need to know about gel polish and what you should and shouldn’t mix with them for the durability and health of your nails.

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Mix Gel Polish Brands

Some people mix different brands anyway and they do not see any immediate explosion. You know those vigorous metal reactions you saw in your Chemistry lab way back in high school? That is definitely what we are not talking about. Here are some of the reasons why you should stick to one brand at a time if you are a person who loves testing every new brand in the market.

1.    Differently Tested

The main vision and mission of every manufacturer are to produce unique but high-quality products for their consumers. Manufacture of products goes through different intensive phases that include a lot of trial and error of different formulas and chemicals.

Once they have settled on a satisfying formula, they test the effectiveness of a product using their brands. For example, Essie Gel Couture will use their color gels to test their base coats and topcoats. Whether or how it works with other brands will be none of their business.

essie gel couture nail polish + top coat kit, wearing hue? + top coat

2.    Not Designed for Other Brands

When designing their gel polish most manufacturers only have their brands in mind. They are not obliged to consider how it would work with the rival brands in the market. They, therefore, only work towards the authenticity and uniqueness of their product.

When producing a particular line of their brand for their base, color, and topcoat, they mostly employ a similar formula. This improves the adhesiveness and bonding of their products when used together. Using one line of product, therefore, will give you a durable nail job.

3.    Curing Time

Depending on how they were formulated and tested, different brands of gel polish will dry out at different times. You might end up with a gooey mess on your nails because the layering of your polish cured differently.

Every brand comes with instructions that include how to cure and the curing time after application. Some products are formulated to cure instantly while others will take over 120 seconds to completely dry.

Can You Mix Gel Polish With Hard Gel?

Every woman can’t help but be curious about mixing and trying out different things. Even the most conservative ones and especially when it comes to nails. It is all fun and games on a free Saturday afternoon with nothing else to do but some Netflix and nails to do.

Hard gel is the first cousin of acrylic gels. At least when talking about their chemical makeup. The only outstanding difference is that they are used straight from the pot. It doesn’t require any mixing ratios or elaborate preps. Once applied, hard gels are best polymerized under the LED light.

Since hard gels are formulated to harden your nails, they work splendidly well with your favorite gel polish. They are best applied if your gel polish carelessly chips and crack your nails. Most people use the hard gels without the base coat on the nails and they claim durable results, However, if you must, it is still okay to make use of a base coat.

Proceed to apply a layer of hard gel to boost the strength of your nails and cure them for 60 seconds on an LED. If you are using UV, wait for at least 120 seconds before touching the nails. You can use as many layers as desired but only 3 layers come highly recommended. Once that is done, you can proceed by applying your favorite color gel polish and a top coat to add that shiny gloss.

Best Ways to Make Your Gel Polish Last Longer

Well-kempt nails are every woman’s most prized possession. They not only tell what kind of a person you are, but they give you that chic and classy touch. Unless you are J-LO or Beyoncé, you most probably don’t have the luxury of money or time to do your nails every other day. Here are some tips to help you make your gel polish last longer.

·         Avoid Hot Water

Touching and immersing your nails in either hot or too hot water is a sure way to spoil your gel polish. According to Byrdie, too much use of hot water will cause your gel polish to lift off your nails. You couldn’t glue them back of course!

·    Double Layer the Topcoat

A single film of the topcoat can easily be eroded, especially if you constantly use water. A double layer will give your manicure a longer life boost.

·    Push Back Your Cuticles

It is very important to elaborately prepare your nails before applying gel polish. This includes pushing back your cuticles or completely removing them. Putting gel polish on your cuticles will decrease their lifespan because they keep growing.

·    Moisturize Your Nails

Just like every other part of your body, your nails need constant hydration and moisturizing. Always use nail oil to avoid chipping and cracking of the gel polish.

·       Protect Your Nails

Most cleaning products are made from aggressive ingredients and they can easily weaken and damage your nails. Using protective gloves is a sure way not only to protect your nails but to also elongate your polish lifespan.

·    Use Reverse Ombre Glitters

This is a quick fix for your overgrown nails. Use a thin swipe of this coat to make your exposed nail tips chic and lively.

Here you can read about ombre nails.


Your nails are as important as your hair. Take good care of them. Taking care is not only about painting them beautiful but being mindful of what you apply to them. Always consider using one brand at a time. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone; longevity of your gel polish, and healthy nails.


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